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Basic Information and Definitions

Pending Cash Back: This is the amount of cash back you have earned on purchases that have not yet been verified by the merchant. Your order has been received, but is awaiting confirmation from the merchant. Once your purchase has been fully processed by the merchant, your order will be confirmed and your “Pending Cash Back” will be transferred to your “Available Cash Back” balance.

Available Cash Back: This is the amount of cash back that is available to be paid out to you. This amount pertains to any purchase that has been fully processed by its corresponding merchant and confirmed by

You may not receive cash back under these circumstances:

  • Making a purchase using a Promo Code that was not furnished by™.
  • Unless specifically mentioned, qualifying purchases do not include the purchase of gift card/certificates or purchases made with Gift Cards/Certificates.
  • Having your order sent to the store directly or picking up the item at the store, unless specifically noted on™.
  • Sales. Certain sales nullify cash back offers; this will be stated on the offers published on™.
  • There is no cash back on returned, cancelled, or exchanged items.

General Questions

What is™?™ is an on-line shopping site that offers cash back on qualified purchases.

Why join™?

If you currently shop on-line,™ is just another method of on-line shopping. The difference, you can earn cash back on your purchases when you shop through™.™ has over 150 merchants in one convenient location along with discounts, promo codes, and cash back offers. It’s simple, easy, and free!

What does it cost to be a member?

Membership to™ is FREE. You simply fill out the registration form/profile and you are on your way to shopping with™.

How do I claim my cash back?

In order to be eligible for Cash Back for shopping through at Merchants, You must first create an account by providing Your e-mail address and password. However, in order for to send Your Cash Back, You will be required to provide personal information including, but not limited to, Your full name, mailing address (including city, state and ZIP Code), Country of Residence, and Date of Birth. Please review our privacy policy to see how we respect Your personal information. You agree that it is Your responsibility to keep your Member information current, complete and accurate in order to facilitate the payment of Your Cash Back. In the event that your information is not current at the time of payment, You forfeit all accrued Cash Back to Furthermore, is not responsible for any checks mailed to the wrong postal address or credited to the wrong Paypal account or other account due to inaccurate or incomplete information provided by You. reserves the right to terminate any account for abusive, illegal, improper or fraudulent activity or if the Member is no longer reachable at the e-mail address provided. You will receive your cash back when your account meets the $25.00 minimum, before 11:59:59 P.M. C.S.T. on the last day of the preceding month and your payment information is complete in your RewardsRunner account. Payments are made on the 15th of the following month.

Why should I fill out my hobbies and interests?

The hobbies and interest section of the profile helps™ enhance your shopping experience and helps you find great deals that may interest you.™ also finds new or special offers that match the hobbies and interests you have indicated.

What are promotional (promo) codes?

Promotional (promo) codes are text codes that you enter into a merchant’s store, usually during check out, to activate special on-line shopping discounts such as free shipping, percentages off, or discounts.

The store already has my product marked on sale, plus I have a promo code. Can I still use the promo code and get my cash back?

Yes you can, if the promo code was provided by™. If the code is not from™, you will not receive your cash back.

What if the store already offers a discount?

This is a bonus for you! You will still receive your cash back if the offer is through the merchant on™. If the discount or promo code is not through™, you will not receive your cash back.

Do I have to purchase items online to receive my cash back or can I purchase items from the store directly?

To earn your cash back, all purchases must be made on-line through™. No exceptions.

What if I decide to make a return or exchange of something I purchased?

If you return an item or exchange an item, all cash back rewards for that purchase will be forfeited.

What if the credit card I’m using already gives me rewards?

You will still receive your cash back rewards and your credit card rewards.

How can I use RewardsRunner as a fundraiser?™ can be used by your organization or charity to raise money. We provide you with a custom link that you can publish to your members or supporters. You then provide the custom link to your supporters and every time they make a purchase, you receive cash back. If your supporters are already members of™, they can select your fundraiser in their payment options and have their cash back go directly to you. If you want to start using™ as a fundraiser contact us to learn more.

Account Questions

How do I change account information, including email address, address, password, interests and hobbies?

On your My Account page, the right hand column has a section titled “Setting and Preferences.” This section contains links you can select to update or change your information, including email address, password, etc.

When can I have/receive my cash back? I have cash in my account, when will I get my cash?

Payouts will be mailed on the 15th of each month. To receive a payout, your “Available Cash Back” balance must meet or exceed the minimum of $25.00 before 11:59:59 PM C.S.T. on the last day of the month. You must also have a complete and valid profile. This includes a Prefix, First Name, Last Name, Address (City, State, & Zip Code), Telephone Number, Date of Birth and at least one hobby and one interest. If your account does not meet these requirements, you will not be sent a payout and all “Available Cash Back” will be carried over and applied to the next month. It can take up to 30 days for the cash back from your purchase to show up in your account. The time period varies for each individual merchant. In some special cases, it may take longer than 30 days. Special Note: Cash back rewards are not paid on shipping/handling, taxes, prescriptions, or other fees.

I just made a purchase, where is my cash back?

Once you make a purchase, it can take up to 30 days for the cash back from your purchase to show up in your account. The time period varies for each individual merchant. In some cases, it may take longer than 30 days.

What would cause my purchase to not be reported, or why haven’t I received my cash back on a purchase?

This is a list of some of the reasons cash back rewards are not reported:

  • You entered a promo/discount code not found on™
  • You utilized a discount/offer not associated with™ (i.e. promo code from another site, directly from the store etc…).
  • You cancelled a service before receiving credit (Returned).
  • You had an issue with your credit card that required you to call or online chat with a merchant representative.
  • You did not comply with all of the terms of the offer.
  • Unless specifically mentioned, sales do not include the purchase of gift certificates/cards or purchases made with gift certificates/cards.
  • Most merchants will NOT pay cash back on the purchase of gaming systems.
  • Cash back will not be paid on prescription medications or where otherwise in violation of state law.
  • Purchases do not include those picked up in store unless specifically noted on™.
  • You clicked on an offer from a merchant in an email, another cash back website, or other source first.

What if I made a purchase 30+ days ago and it hasn’t shown up in my account yet?

If you don’t see a credit to your account after 30 days of your purchase, you need to tell us so we can help you try to determine what happened. We will investigate and work with you and the store. Note that if the store does not report the sale, there is no cash back for us to pass on to you; therefore, we cannot pay you. To report a missing purchase that is over 30 days, please provide us with information listed below to begin our search. Please note, if you are missing a purchase, you must contact us within 3 months.

Send us:

  • Merchant/Store Name
  • Order Date / Time
  • Order Number from the Merchant (found on your Order Confirmation from the merchant)
  • Order Total (including taxes, shipping, or other fees)
  • If possible send a scanned copy of the order confirmation, or the email.
  • Promo codes, gift cards, or certificates that may have been used.

Note: Some merchants could take between 2-4 weeks to respond back.

Why is my cash back still pending?

Pending Cash Back is the amount of cash back you have earned on purchases that have not yet been verified by the merchant. Your order has been received, but is awaiting confirmation from the merchant. Once your purchase has been fully processed by the merchant, your order will be confirmed and your “Pending Cash Back” will be transferred to your “Available Cash Back” balance.

The amount of my cash back has decreased automatically? Why?

If you have returned any item, exchanged an item or your order was cancelled, your cash back is also returned. This may not show up the same day in your account. It may take up to 30 days to register. It could also be due to using a promo code that did not originate from™.

I made a Travel Reservation and where is my cash back?

With travel related sites, your cash back will not be posted until you have completed your stay or fulfilled your reservation. It will show in your account at $0 pending cash back until your travel or stay is complete.

What options do I have with my cash back?

Currently, there are three methods. You can either have a check mailed to your specified payment address, you may choose to have payments made to your PayPal account, or you can donate your cash back to charity.

How do I donate my cash back to a fundraiser or charity?™ offers you the option of donating your cash back to a fundraiser or charity. To select a fundraiser or charity to receive your donation, add the fundraiser or charity to your Payment Options in your account. This fundraiser or charity will need to be selected as your current payment option at the end of the month in order for them to receive your cash back payment. If you don’t see your favorite fundraiser or charity, or want to use™ as a fundraiser contact us to have it added.

What is™’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use?

To view the™ Privacy Policy, please click the following link:
Privacy Policy
To view the™ Terms of Use, please click the following link:
Terms of Use

How secure is my profile and information?

Simple answer, “Very!”™ utilizes multiple security measures. Technically, we use everything including SSL, virus protection, firewalls, intrusion detection, etc.

Technical Questions

How do you keep track of my cash back? How do you know I made a purchase?

Our computer systems keep track of your rewards and posts them in your member account automatically. As a member of the RewardsRunner Network, when you click on one of the stores through our site and make a purchase, our system will automatically credit your account when the merchant reports the sale to us. The cash back rewards then instantly show up in your account under Balance & Transactions. You can view your rewards, history, and cash back statuses when you are logged into your™ account under My Account and the Balance & Transactions.

What are cookies and how do I make sure that my computer is accepting them?

Web sites utilize something called cookies to recognize you without making you sign in every time you enter a site. You must have cookies turned on (or allow cookies) to get your cash back rewards when you shop from a store through™™. Your browser should automatically accept cookies unless you have turned the cookies off. In order to turn them back on, open your internet browsers, click on tools then, internet options. Under internet options, click on the privacy tab and choose the setting that will allow cookies. If you don’t have cookies enabled, we are unable to identify when you purchased or how much to pay you.